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KJD-IMC Categories

This was originally posted in 2006 to help clarify the tags I was using on my posts to  Apparently ‘kjd-imc’ became known as a place for cool-but-scary ideas, so people would sometimes avoid these posts even when they were relatively simple and straightforward topics.  I’ve since carried the use of those categories to this blog — in fact, this blog is named after the first tag I used, ‘kjd-imc’ — so I figured it would be worth presenting the definitions here again.

— Keith, July 22, 2011

Among the comments about the kjd-imc articles I’ve been writing is that “they’re really weird and all build on each other and aren’t easily applied in pieces to normal D&D”.

There is some truth to that. Some of the things I’ve posted under the kjd-imc tag (class framework especially, and things that depend on it) aren’t easily applied to a normal D&D campaign.  Others should be dead easy to apply (such as my recent Armor Focus feats). Some things are fairly solid, some need more consideration and adjustment, some are way out there.

In an effort to make it easier (and hopefully more attractive) for people to read, comment on, and use the material, I’m retiring ‘kjd-imc’ for a while. Instead I’m going to use more specific tags to indicate the sort of material being posted.

Hopefully this change to my posting policy on these matters will make it easier for people to make use of the articles, and help draw new readers and more discussion.