My Favorite D&D

Every time I get drawn into a conversation regarding the relative merits of D&D 4e and D&D 3.x I end up saying much the same thing.  While I do like the consistency of my position, I think it’s time I posted something here I can just point at the next time the question comes up.

TL;DR (for those with no patience — and this is long, about 2700 words worth): I don’t play 4e, I don’t have the books, I don’t expect to every do so.  But I don’t particularly dislike 4e on a system design level.

I’ll explain below why I have the position I do.

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Okay, Important Lesson

When using the feedwordpress plugin, do not point it back at your site so you ‘download your own posts’.  They collide with the original ones and take over the originals… and when you remove the feed it might (and did in my case, because I told it to) stomp on the original post.

Thankfully they were mostly captured somewhere else, but I’ll have to reload them.

Yeah, misfeature followed by stupid user mistake.

Also, figures that I would have an article today that is drawing more traffic than usual… that got nuked shortly after I posted it, before Google Reader picked up on it.

If anyone has the text of my last post, “My Favorite D&D”, I would consider it a kindness if you could send it to me.  That took most of my lunch break to write.

Okay, all fixed.  I left out one post no one seemed interested in, but otherwise it’s good to go.  I rewrote ‘My Favorite D&D’, and I think I like this version better anyway.

Links of the Week: December 26, 2011

Last one for this year, seventeenth time links post in this series (two meta-posts, one announcing the series, one looking for an RSS aggregator to make my life easier — I expect to have more on this in a week or two).

I just realized and remembered, I’m hosting the RPG Blog Carnival next month, with a topic of ‘Fantastic Locations’… and ‘next month’ starts on Sunday.  I’d better get my act together.

Happily, I’ve got a few days off this week, I’ll get things tidied up a bit, blow the dust off some older articles and refresh them to current standards, and we can have ourselves a time.

I’m running a little late this week (about an hour and a half) because I was busy this weekend, but here is my round-up of last week’s links.  Many of the regulars, plus a couple of new blogs that are looking good so far.

Kickstarter Projects

Realm Coins


A nifty little project that looks to be well-funded: $11,611 of a $5,000 goal, so I expect this one will pass.  I think it unlikely that enough people will back out to cause it to fail.

I’ve been resisting this one because as cool as the idea is and how much I would like to have a slew of these coins (I would dearly love to dump a bucket of them in front of my players when they find a treasure), I actually can’t justify the purchase right now.

This campaign closes closes in January 15, 2012.

There is a similar product available at Campaign Coins  ( that run about two or three times the cost per coin.  However, Campaign Coins has designs that are more fantastic, and more designs (more shapes and multiple denominations).

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Character Design Requirements

Years ago, a friend online told me of the guidelines she was given in designing her character for a supers campaign.

  1. Have a way to get to the fight.
  2. Have a way to be useful in the fight.
  3. Have a way to survive the fight.

It occurs to me that with only the smallest abstraction this can actually apply to almost any kind of RPG, setting, and scenario.  Change ‘fight’ to ‘action’ and you’re done.

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I Don’t Always Test My Code

Thank you very much to Dennis Santana  for bringing this to my attention.  I’m adding a new feature (I hope) to KJD-IMC to help me with my weekly reading and round-up and I screwed up my permalinks.  Once he clued me in that the primaries were broken, I fixed that and it solved the problem entirely.

I should know better, I really should.  ITIL-certified and I give developers grief when they don’t follow good change management processes.

But when I do I do it in production