RPG Blog Carnival: Fantastic Locations — Missed One!

I have been reviewing the carnival submissions and just realized I’d overlooked one.

My apologies, skyfullofdust, I didn’t see the pingback.

… and the sky full of dust

skyfullofdust provides some background on The City where the various groups he has been describing (including the Church of Consumption, the Church of Fleeting Dreams, and the Church of the Fleeting Light — all of which have, I think, been linked to in my Links of the Week).  This post provides some context for those religions, they certainly appear to fit.

RPG Blog Carnival: Fantastic Locations, Final Roundup

I am really impressed with the turnout for this Carnival.  I make it forty-one forty-four posts (it seems I missed a few, including two of my own!) from twenty-one blogs.  I think the weekly roundups were a good idea, I just have to collect them all and I’m mostly done.

This has been a very busy month for me, and honestly I stayed up way too late finishing my last post to be clever in writing a closing vignette.  Pretend the old guy who greeted everyone at the beginning is musing on the broad and surprising nature of the posts seen this month, and musing what question to raise for the next one.

Because I plan to do this again.  It was more work than I expected, but I had a great time.

Thanks for coming out, everyone.

Complete List of Carnival Posts

… at least as far as I know it.

I suppose alphabetical order of blog title is as fair as anything.

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Fantastic Location: Rime Tower, Part 3 — Implementation

Finally, I am in a position to describe Rime Tower in (hopefully succinct) detail.  I started more than two weeks ago looking for Inspiration, applied some Perspiration, and now move to Implementation. Potential (because I’m not describing them now) other entities are highlighted in bold.  Text in <angle brackets> indicates …