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RPG Blog Planet Coming Soon

This isn’t the announcement I was hoping to post today, I’ve got some more work to do before I’m ready to open the doors on the RPG blog planet. Things are coming along, but I am now looking for more data.  Right now I’m pulling from a couple of my own blogs, plus a couple […]

What is the Bare Minimum?

A question for RPG designers (pro and amateur, whatever): What is the bare minimum core rule set required to get a game off the ground? Assumptions: Characters are already created (half a dozen pregen). Character-specific rules are attached to the character sheet and don’t need to be repeated, spells and feats and skills and stuff […]

Looking for Sourcebooks

I’ve been looking through some older D&D materials.  I know I’ve seen something in at least one of them about non-linear adventure design, but haven’t been able to put my hands (or eyes) on the one I want.  I remember a section in a book that talks about trying to track down a wizard, and […]

Campaign Setting Design: Published Guidelines

As part of my research for these articles, I’ve been reviewing published guidelines for adventure design. In the last couple days I have reviewed DMG 3.5, DMG II, Green Ronin’s Advanced Gamemaster’s Guide, and the Pathfinder GameMastery Guide. They have all had much the same advice for developing adventures: devise a plot, design the encounters, […]