Hall of Fame

I collect a fair number of links through the week.

Links I find interesting and want to pass on, I include in my Links of the Week posts (though I’ve been falling down on the ‘weekly’ part).

Links I find particularly exciting or impressive, I post more or less immediately as a Link of Fame.

Links I expect to make use of from time to time usually get filed in my ‘RPG Resources’ or a similar group, but there isn’t really much room for explanation or description there.

I’m starting a ‘Hall of Fame’ for links that I expect to make regular use of or direct people to on a regular basis.  These will likely be broken down by topic area (campaign design, character development, and so on) and/or originating site, depending on topic.  I have found several series of posts that I want to keep track of, but including them every week in the Links of the Week is becoming kind of silly (JB’s Land of Ice series, for example — I like it and want to follow it, and will want to refer to it later, but I’d rather have a single page that I update than repeat it every week with the new entries).

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