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Falling off the RNG

‘Falls off the RNG’ is an expression many designers use to describe designs that cause two characters of comparable power to have large enough differences that they exceed the size of the random number generator (RNG, usually dice in a tabletop RPG).  At this point it is impossible for the lower-score character to defeat the […]

Converting RSRD Abilities to Echelon Talents

Converting RSRD abilities to Echelon talents is usually pretty straightforward. Many abilities in D&D 3.x are built up of smaller abilities, usually along a path of some sort. Feat paths are pretty obvious (weapon focus and weapon specialization are an example, as is the Mobility feat path leading to Whirlwind Attack, though that’s a short […]

Some Common Talents

I’ve posted some talents for specific character facets (combat and spellcasting), but there are some general improvements that can be made to any character that are probably worth presenting. Everyone has ability scores, and it seems everyone wants to improve their saving throws.  It’s easy to write talents that give bonuses to these things, but […]

Recalibrating Saving Throws

For some time I’ve seen comments that the separation between good saving throws and poor saving throws is too big, and that it is difficult to find challenges appropriate to higher-level characters with different saving throw progressions. Mathematically, I can see the argument for this. A high-level spell from a moderately optimized spellcaster will likely […]

Base Save and Attack Bonus

Base Attack Bonus and base save bonuses work much better in D&D 3.x than they have in previous editions. However, I think there is room for improvement.