Planar-Pantheon Analysis: Shu-shi Pantheon

I’ll be writing up some sample planes for Planar Trappings, to show how it fits together. (In draft) I’m expanding the list of traits so it includes the core domains (which include alignments and elements, as well as major societal abstractions).

This both expanded the sorts of traits available (which is handy to me) and gave me an immediate source of planar ideas. If the nature of a deity affects the plane the god lives on, and there is high congruency between deific domains and planar traits, it seems evident that the home of a pantheon can be determined at a high level by the domains assigned to the deities of the pantheon.

Domain Auspicious Normal Uncanny
Air 0 10 0
Animal 0 100
Chaos 10000
Community 1000 0 0
Earth 00 10
Good 10 00
Healing 10 00
Knowledge 00 10 0
Law 10 00
Liberation 0 100
Luck 10 000
Nobility 1000 0
Plant 0 100
Protection 00 1 00
Repose 0 0 100
Rune 0 100 0
Strength 1000 0
Sun 100 00
Travel 0 10
Trickery 00 10
Water 00 10
Weather 0000 10

I’ve started an analysis to see how good or bad this idea is. I created a spreadsheet with all the domains listed and marked correspondence between the domains and the pantheon. ‘1’ indicates that a deity exists in the pantheon having the domain as a primary domain, ‘0’ indicates that a deity exists in the pantheon with the domain as a second domain.

Looking at the Shu-shi pantheon (“Chinese halflings”) I see that Air, Community, Knowledge, Protection, and Rune domains are present in all three subpantheons (auspicious deities, normal deities, uncanny deities). No matter where you go in the plane you can expect to see evidence of this.

The Jixiang Shen (auspicious deities) have the following primary domains: Community, Good, Healing, Law, Luck, Nobility. Their region of the plane more strongly exhibits these traits than others: I picture something like a holy city.

The Zhengchang Shen (common deities) have the following primary domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Knowledge, Plant, Protection, Rune, Strength, Sun, Water. If the region of the auspicious deities is a holy city, this is likely to seem like well-settled land, orderly and well-cultivated.

The Bukeishiyi Shen have the following primary domains: Chaos (all the chaos), Liberation, Repose (‘nice death domain’), Travel, Trickery, Weather. These are likely small pockets of specific interests, possibly treated as subplanes, scattered about the plane but likely farther from the holy city.

There also is overlap between them. The following domains are shared between the auspicious and normal deities: Animal, Earth, Good, Healing, Law, Luck, Nobility, Plant, Water. The following domains are shared between the normal and uncanny deities: Strength, Sun, Travel, Trickery, Weather. I think I could use this to pretty reasonably lay out a regional map showing how the various traits could vary by region.

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