Djekspek (deviantART)

Djekspek’s deviantART page has some gorgeous maps and one-page tutorials for specific map features.

I see tutorials for

  • City Icon
  • Castle Symbol
  • Trees on Maps Reference
  • Compass Rose
  • Small Island
  • Canyon

The maps cover a range of topics and styles.  I see dungeon maps, city maps, island maps, several different projects and views (I have never mastered isometric, even when it was simple drafting in school).  I wish I could find time to learn to do this so well.

Oh, hey, it appears that Fantasy Maps is the same artist, Herwin Wielink (I’m working off links I’d collected through the week but didn’t have time to review; I thought this was for a different site).  There is a fair bit more material at this site than the deviantART page.

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