Feat Descriptions

Erase Signature [Clairsentience, Telepathy]

You can eliminate evidence of psychic signatures (your own or others’).

Prereqs Wis 13, Psychic Ability, Clairsentience, Telepathy, Psychic Sense 1 rank

Benefit As a full-round action costing one strain you can erase any old psychic signature that you can sense, eliminating any evidence of of it.

Mind Switch [Telepathy]

You can learn the Mind Switch skill.

Prereqs Psychic Ability, Telepathy

Benefit You add the Mind Switch skill to your class skill list.

Normal You cannot learn the Mind Switch skill.

Mind Trap [Telepathy]

You can psychically act against someone who tries to overcome your mental defenses.

Prereqs Psychic Ability, Telepathy, Psychic Shield 7 ranks

Benefit When an opponent attempts to use a psychic skill against you and fails to overcome your Psychic Shield, you get an immediate psychic skill use against that opponent as a reaction. This can be any psychic skill that can be used as a standard action or move action (but not a full-round action). If the psychic skill requires mental contact, you are considered in mental contact with your opponent for the purposes of the skill use. You can gain only one free psychic skill use per round, regardless of the number of attempts to overcome your Psychic Shield. The reactive psychic skill has its normal strain cost and difficulty.

Psychic Invisibility [Telepathy]

You can focus your energies to block your presence from the minds of others.

Prereqs Psychic Ability, Telepathy, Mental Contact 6 ranks

Benefit You can become invisible at will to all creatures with Intelligence 1 or more. Psychic invisibility has no effect on targets with no Intelligence score.

This costs 3 strain.

You can become invisible as a move action. The invisibility lasts for 10 rounds (1 minute) or until you make an attack. You can maintain your invisibility after it would normally end by paying an additional 3 strain. The renewed invisibility ends when the new duration expires or when you attack.

Psychic Reflection [Telepathy]

You can reflect psychic effects back at their originator.

Prereqs Psychic Ability, Telepathy, Psychic Shield 8 ranks

Benefit When your Psychic Shield successfully blocks a psychic effect directed at you, you can make another skill.psychic-shield skill check against the attacker’s skill check. If you succeed, the psychic skill directed at you affects the attacker instead, using the attacker’s skill bonus. You do not suffer any strain for the reflected skill (the attacker does) but you are in control of the effect, even if you do not possess the skill. You must maintain the skill yourself (if necessary) and it has its normal effect and duration. The attacker may defend and save against the reflected psychic effect normally, but cannot use Psychic Reflection against it as well. Any attempt to do so simply causes the effect to dissipate.

Psychic Reflection is a reaction. Using Psychic Reflection costs 4 strain.

Psychic Severance [Telepathy]

You can remove another creature’s psychic talents.

Prereqs Psychic Ability, Telepathy, Psychic Surgery 10 ranks

Benefit You can make a Psychic Surgery check (DC 30) to deprive someone of his psychic talents. The target makes a Will save against your Psychic Surgery DC. If the skill check succeeds and the Will save fails, the subject loses all use of any psychic talent feats or psychic skills he possesses, although he retains those abilities. The target gets an additional Will save each day to regain the use of his psychic abilities and another use of Psychic Surgery (DC 30) can reverse the effect. With the expenditure of 3,000 XP, the psychic severance becomes permanent and can only be reversed by a psychic with this feat who makes a DC 30 Psychic Surgery check and spends an additional 3,000 XP.

Psychic Severance is a full-round action. You must be in mental contact with the subject. You can take 10 on the Psychic Surgery check, but you can’t take 20. Using this feat costs 15 strain.

Sensitivity [Telepathy]

You are particularly sensitive to the emotions and attitudes of other creatures.

Prereqs Wis 13, Psychic Ability, Telepathy

Benefit You gain a +2 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Sense Motive checks when dealing with creatures with Intelligence 4 or more. You do not gain this bonus against  a creature that has ranks in the Psychic Shield skill (and possibly other forms of mental shielding, at the GM’s discretion). The bonus stacks with bonuses to interaction skills granted b the use of skill.empathy. At the GM’s discretion, your bonus can be reduced or eliminated when dealing with especially alien or unusual creatures.

Telepathy [Psychic, Telepathy]

You can learn telepathy skills.

Prereqs Psychic Ability

Benefit You add Telepathy feats to your class list. You add telepathy skills to your class list.

Normal You cannot learn telepathy skills or feats.

Truth Reading [Telepathy]

You can sense when someone is lying to you.

Prereqs Psychic Ability, Sensitivity, Telepathy

Benefit When interacting with a creature of Intelligence 4 or greater you automatically sense when the creature tells you a deliberate lie. You can do this a number of times equal to your Wisdom bonus in any given conversation, detecting further lies causes a point of strain for each statement that you check. You do not detect half-truths, lies of omission, or things the creature believes is true (even if they are not), only deliberate falsehoods.

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