Feat Descriptions

Apport Arrows [Psychoportation]

You can teleport away incoming missiles.

Prereqs Wis 13, Psychoportation, Apport 5 ranks

Benefit Once per round when you would normally be hit by a ranged weapon, you may make a Reflex saving throw agains ta DC of 20 (if the ranged weapon has an enhancement bonus, the DC increases by that amount). If you succeed, you reflexively apport the weapon away from you, causing it to miss. You must be aware of the attack and not flat-footed. Attempting to apport an incoming does not count as an action. You cannot apport spells or ranged weapons created by spells. You can apport particularly large ranged weapons, such as rocks hurled by catapults or giants, but the strain costs is increased by the object’s mass.

Using this ability costs 1 strain, modified by mass.

Normal You must be able to see the incoming weapon in order to apport it, so invisible ranged weapons cannot be apported.

Dimensional Shift [Psychoportation]

You can physically shift to another dimension.

Prereqs Psychic Ability, Psychoportation

Benefit You add the Dimensional Shift skill to your class list.

Normal You cannot learn the Dimensional Shift skill.

Divert Teleport [Psychoportation]

You can redirect the apportation or teleportation of others.

Prereqs Psychic Ability, Psychoportation, Psychic Sense 5 ranks, Apport 10 ranks

Benefit You can attempt to divert the final destination of any apportation or teleportation that you can sense. This is a reaction, but you can attempt to divert only once per round. You can divert the destination of both incoming and outgoing teleportation. Roll an Apport skill check against the teleporter’s Apport or Teleport skill check. If you win, you can divert the teleporter’s destination by making an Apport skill check against the DC of the desired destination as if you were apporting the target to that location. If the diverted subject is a creature, it gets a Will save to avoid being diverted.

Strain is equal to that of apporting the target to the desired destination, plus 2.

Psychoportation [Psychic, Psychoportation]

You can learn psychoportation skills.

Prereqs Psychic Ability

Benefit You add Psychoportation feats to your class list. You add psychoportation skills to your class list.

Normal You cannot learn psychoportation skills or feats.

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