Cartographers’ Guild

I can’t believe I haven’t linked to the Cartographers’ Guild before.  This is a gross oversight on my part.

The Cartographers’ Guild is perhaps the best resource I have found when it comes to drawing maps for roleplaying games.  The quality of some of the maps produced here is phenomenal, and quite often the people who drew them are entirely happy to explain how they did it.  Happily, while being able to draw is helpful, in many cases the right techniques can help get you past poor drawing ability.

For instance, a couple years ago I posted a mountain drawing tutorial.  It’s due for update (I’ve tweaked the techniques a little and my mountains look better) but I think was a decent first tutorial.

I need to start drawing maps again.  And not spend the next couple hours reading CG and looking at the map porn.

Cartographers' Guild banner
Cartographers' Guild

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