Bat in the Attic: How to make a Fantasy Sandbox

Rob Conley at Bat in the Attic wrote… rather a lot, really, on construction of a fantasy sandbox.  Much of the material can be applied to general campaign construction, though.

The first page, the introduction with the ‘summary’ list of 34 steps, can be read at How to make a Fantasy Sandbox.

The follow up material consists of 18 more posts that expand on 26 of the 34 steps mentioned above (I understand Real Life caught up to him).

It looks like Step 24 — Pick the 4 or 6 most important population locales and draw a quarter page sketch map of the settlement — takes a lot of explanation.

This will take some time for me to absorb.  The material I have seen so far is remarkably detailed.

I look forward to it.

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