Observations of the Fox: Game Design Principles

Originally labeled “Blatantly ripped off from a ripped off post“, Michael’s (Vulpinoid’s) post expands on the points below.

Game Design Principles

  • Do not add a rule to take care of an unusual situation.
  • Your scoring design is your game design.
  • Avoid false strategy.
  • Balance with incentives and costs, not with restrictions.
  • Pay attention to the rules people forget.
  • Simplify.
  • Removal is OK.
  • Theme and art are very important.
  • Understand how mathematics and probabilities affect game play.
  • Try to make your mechanics reflect the theme.

Design Process Principles

  • Never assume players will make smart decisions.
  • Failures are successes too.
  • Half of building should be breaking.
  • Include a ‘fair’ setup.
  • Graphics are meaningful.
  • Know for whom you’re designing the game.

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