RPG Blog Carnival: Fantastic Locations

The old man watched the small but temporary city rose around his pavilion.  He had traveled many lands before coming here, spending a few weeks at each place before moving on.  He looked around at the motley assortment of tents and wagons, horses and stranger mounts.  He saw many folk he had met before, some new faces, and noted the sorry absence of others.

That night, around a communal fire, he welcomed all who came.  “I see old friends here, and some I hope to be new friends.  We are all travelers, in one place for a time, and I hope we all enjoy our stay together.

“So tell me, where have you been and what sights have you seen?”

I have found that many adventures take place in fairly generic locations.  A village, a forest, caves under an abandoned ruin.  It seems that often the differences in the places get overlooked or under-appreciated.  Whether it is a well-maintained hall of a castle, the musty shaft of an abandoned mine, or the twisting tunnel of an unknown cave system, it seems that beyond the description when entering the place, these are all treated as a simple ten foot wide tunnel.

Some of the most memorable adventures I have taken part in have had very evocative locations, with enough detail to make them stand out as some place different, some place I had never been.  In some cases I wish I really could be there, in many others I wished I was not… but the best of these, I can still picture in my mind.

This month’s RPG Blog Carnival is focused on fantastic locations, places that stand out for some reason.  They might be relatively normal places with small differences that set them apart from most, they might be very strange places with only enough normalcy to give them context so they can be understood at all.  There may also be posts about fantastic locations as a group, such as how to describe them, how to generate them (perhaps some tools to help when you’re stuck for ideas), or what characteristics are shared by fantastic locations.

Please, enjoy the carnival.

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    I’m looking forward to seeing what people contribute on this theme. Good choice! My submission to the carnival is entitled “Fantastic locations & the fantastic things that happen there” and can be found here at this url http://wp.me/pTI80-Ix.

  2. January 2, 2012 - 6:48 am | Permalink

    Hi Keith! Here’s my contribution for the RPG Blog Carnival: http://hariragat.blogspot.com/2012/01/fantastic-locations-in-jangalan-isles.html

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    Thanks for the link to the Entity definitions template! It looks like it’s going to be really useful.

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    Thanks for the fascinating topic! Here is my entry…


    I look forward to reading the other posts as well! Should be mighty interesting indeed! :)

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    An odd adventure location with a more fantastic location hidden inside.

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    Here’s a brief story describing a fantastic location that a young man is discovering for the first time. If folks want, I can do something crunchier with it for gaming purposes.

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    My contribution is here: http://wp.me/pylJj-Uy

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    Running a bit late this month, but here’s my contribution to the Carnival… Great topic! I’m looking forward to the round-up. :)


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    Check out the Dungeon’s Master contribution.

    RPG Blog Carnival: Toronto’s Underground PATH is a Fantastic Location

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    Missed this, but as luck would have it, ideas came rather quickly once I did see the carnival’s theme this month!

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