Back in the Saddle

Okay, yesterday I spent about 13 hours deploying the latest version of our product at work, the first major release in 18 months and most of my work since the beginning of June.

About bloody time that one’s done. We’re starting our scoping exercise for the next one, but the happy thing for me is that I’m no longer in the crunch of it.

This suggests I’ll have time for my own writing again, so I may be able to get back on track.


  1. Stephen

    Sounds like your boss is quite reasonable really. I believe sir Gary G only intended d&d as a learning opportunity for young christians. If he were alive today I’m pretty sure he’d be an undead. But more importantly he’d say listen to your boss more; he makes alot of sense. :)

  2. GreyKnight

    I meant the writing; ah well, maybe you can get time to relax over Christmas and inspiration will strike! I’m hoping to get a few things written over December myself, plus the Christmas Special game I’m running at my house tomorrow. It is winter and hence time for staying in and playing games! :-)

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