Blood of Dragons? In My Veins? It’s More Common Than You Think

Draconic Bloodlines coverThe first book of my Echelon Expansions line, Draconic Bloodlines, is now available at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, the Open Gaming Store, and at Paizo.

Great-grandma was seduced by a dragon,
When she became the dragon’s reeve.
You might think there’s no such thing as dragons,
But as for me and my dad, we believe.

— The Wyrmish Rovers

While direct, if distant, descent from a dragon is a common explanation for a sorcerer’s draconic bloodline, others are possible.

  • Long association with a particular dragon or line of dragons;
  • Having been born under a Dragon Star, fated to be the champion of wyrms;
  • An ancestor who was soaked in a dragon’s heartblood (or you were!); and
  • A soul-wrenching rite of passage, bonding you to a draconic patron.

There are many ways to explain a draconic bloodline,and there are many types of dragon. Here are twenty-five bloodlines more specific to each type of dragon.
A-Z 2016 "B"

  • Chromatic dragons, evil incarnate and masters of their domains.
  • Metallic dragons, paragons of good and protectors of mortals.
  • Primal dragons, manifesting the powers of nature.
  • Imperial dragons, impartial judges and overseers of the land.
  • Outer dragons, interplanetary and interstellar travelers.

Whatever your lineage, this book has you covered.

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