Link of Fame: Winter is Coming Festival

From time to time a number of RPG bloggers will decide that some topic or another would be fun to post on.  This time, wombat proposed and organized a festival called “Winter is Coming”.

Winter is Coming


I meant to join this festival but didn’t have an opportunity to plan what I was going to write before registration (such as it was, “tell me what you plan to write”) closed.  Some of the related posts so far look… let’s say ‘interesting’ or ‘intriguing’, rather than ‘cool’.  Because that would have sounded dumb.

I originally had this link in my ‘Links of the Week’ for this week, but so many good articles have been generated that it was blowing that post up.  I decided it was better to link Wombat’s page (which has links to all of the articles) than to try to keep track of them in mine.

Enjoy, I certainly am.

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