Aelliena, Enlightened Warrior of the Grand Chords

Engineer, musician, warrior… Aelliena became all of these not through inherent talent, but sheer stubborn will to succeed. She is the patroness of all who refuse to give in to failure. She is driven by the need to improve herself, to find elegance (the combination of beauty and utility together), and delights in discovering how the universe works.

If she can get in there with a large and heavy wrench to make a few changes, she’d like that too.

Vassals of Aelliena gain the following favors and drawbacks.

Bloody-Minded Persistence A vassal with 2 favor may spend one point of favor to retry any check, for the same purpose, one round later. Spend two points of favor to make this retry with advantage.

Dangerous Fascination A vassal with 2 favor must fail a Luck (Intelligence) save to willingly break away from a task she is working on, even when hazardous to continue. No Luck is lost due to such checks.

Pick Yourself Up A vassal with 6 favor may spend a point of favor to roll an additional d20 when taking a short rest. This decision can be made after seeing the result of the initial checks.

I’ll Do It My Way A vassal with 6 favor must make a Dark and Dangerous Magic check on receiving a beneficial spell.

Percussive Maintenance A vassal with 10 favor gain advantage on checks when using brute force to make something work, or to make something stop working. Such checks can be made as intelligence or strength checks, at the vassal’s discretion.

One True Hammer A vassal with 10 favor almost invariably first tries to deal with a problem by application of a heavy blunt object, even when that is the worst solution. Since this usually works for the vassal in other areas — see Percussive Maintenance — there is no save. Those nearby can, however, make a dexterity check to prevent the vassal from braining the panicking prince.

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