Barakhareesh, Dragon of the Seas

Barakhareesh is the ocean storm, capricious and unpredictable. When summoned, his sigil shimmers and tosses like waves in a tempest, and his lean, serpentine form appears above his sigil, twisting and tossing as a ribbon in extreme winds. His voice is the howl of the gale. This summoning can be done anywhere, but is done with advantage if within scent of salt water.

Barakhareesh is the hungry ocean, taking as his due those who venture on its surface without the knowledge or courage to accept the storms. He is the patron of the Istatoko people. The Istatoko come from the cliffs and coastlines of Basuhartak, but the greatest among them live their lives on the open waters. Barakhareesh would see many more explorers and traders become like the Istatoko.

Spirit of the Sea At the First Grade, you smell of the sea: seawater and kelp. You gain advantage on Sailing checks, but if you fail your clothing fills with small crabs and wriggly things that distract you (disadvantage on all checks until you clear them out, which requires you to remove all armor and clothing… treat as a failed Dark and Dangerous Magic check, including reducing your Luck and resetting your DDM counter).

Legs of the Sea At the Second Grade, you are surrounded by gusting wind, which can disrupt open flames and disturb light items nearby. As an immediate action you can grow fins along your legs and feet to gain a swim speed equal to your normal movement speed, and can take 10 when making Athletics checks to swim. This only works with bare legs, and your normal land speed is reduced by half until you spend a minute recovering your ‘land legs’.

Scion of the Sea At the Third Grade, you are constantly wet, as if recently immersed in seawater, and leave puddles of salt water wherever you walk or rest. You can gain water breathing as the spell, but while this ability is active you lose the ability to breathe air. You may also grant the ability to one willing creature per level by exhaling salt water from your lungs to theirs, with the same limitation. Recipients must make a Dark and Dangerous Magic check. On failure their eyes turn to fish eyes: gain advantage on visual Detection checks to discover ambushes and the like, but disadvantage on other visual Detection checks.


In patron terms, Barakhareesh has the following drives.

Support Person or Group The Istatoko people of Basuhartak, who epitomize his vision.

Promote Ideal Only those who accept the hazards and majesty of the sea thrive on it.

Promote Condition The amount of shipping, trade, and exploration increases, led by those of suitable nature and character.


  1. That was a very interesting read. Is it your original content? For which setting?
    I’m asking more of curiosity since I haven’t really been playing tabletop RPG for a while – with so many moves it was hard to find a group, and then writing took priority. But I still enjoy reading about related things.

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