Chalekan, Dreamer in the Pathways Below

Chalekan is the slow heartbeat of the earth itself, lost in her own mind as it wanders the world. When summoned, the ground under her sigil collapses in a sinkhole and her voice echoes from below. This summoning can be done anywhere, but is done with advantage if on natural, unworked stone underground.

Eyes of the Cave At the First Grade, the entirety of your eyes become dark as a cave, reflecting no light at all. You gain darkvision, the ability to see in darkness as if in normal light, but also a great sensitivity to light: in light brighter than a lantern, any check involving sight is done at a disadvantage, and full daylight is blinding.

Ears of the Cave At the Second Grade, your ears grow to resemble those of an enormous bat, and will be uncomfortable if covered, painfully so if covered by something rigid. When uncovered, you gain an innate sense of position and direction underground, and make Intelligence checks with advantage to navigate to a location, find something, or to overcome obstacles. This works even if you would not normally be able to make a check at all — you can use this enhanced sense to find a place or item you know exists, but not the location.

Normally, loud noises will not interfere with this ability, but should you fail one of these checks then for 1d6 minutes you will find even regular noises jarring and loud noises painful, and all checks that would have had advantage will have disadvantage. This counts as failing a Dark and Dangerous Magic check.

Mind of the Cave At the Third Grade, your consciousness moves inward and you have difficulty relating to those around you; you are so distracted by the wonders of your mind that you respond slowly to stimuli.  You suffer disadvantage with Charisma and Perception checks, but you can roll other skills with ‘Intelligence advantage’ (that is, the check is made with d20 against the normal ability score, and with d20 against your Intelligence, taking the better result). If you fail such a check, however, you become detached from reality: for 1d6 rounds you can take no action that has measurable effect… but your subconscious keeps you from harm as well, and nothing can strike or affect you, either. This condition counts as failing a Dark and Dangerous Magic check.


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