Fantastic Location: TV Tropes

As I mentioned in this week’s Links of the Week post, Jason of The Action Point suggested using TV Tropes to describe the important thematic elements of your campaign, the nature of situations and events players can expect to encounter, and so on.

This seems a good idea, so I figured I’d take a quick look to see if anything jumped out at me…

Somehow, a ‘quick look’ for ‘a few minutes’ means outside my window things went from “o’dark thirty” to “lunch time”.  It appears I found a temporal anomaly, without even leaving my desk!

How cool is that?  Fairly uncommon in a site (but not unique), easily accessed (many people have, and returned), but physical and biological laws seem to be suspended.  Fantastic!

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  1. Joseph Charpak

    It’s bleeping tvtropes…of course you lost half a day in there. You can READ.

    Whoever sent you there should have warned you. Warning contents can be extrememly adictive and time consuming. If someone manages to combine tvtropes with angry birds all US productiveity may come to a halt.

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