T-Bag Swings Into Action!

T-Bag the Goblin
T-Bag’s a swingin’ goblin.

Last fall I was running some players through my Node-Based Megadungeon. We only made it through three sessions before real life caught up to us, but the last session was memorable.

Jason Paul McCartan really brought this character to life, and he recently did something nice for me, so I thought it only fitting that I do something nice in return.

I commissioned Emily Vitori┬áto take the session recap and “do something fun with T-Bag”. I gave her a few suggestions as to basically what I was thinking of (something like “dirty, skinny goblin swinging on rope and planning to have some fun where he landed, with some cheap bling reading ‘TBAG'”). We looked at a few goblin pictures (Golarion goblins, the Goblins webcomic, maybe a couple more) and she synthesized this.

I think she about nailed the character.

Thanks Emily!

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