Monthly Archives: August, 2007

Racial Ability Improvement

One of the things I like about my Revised Character Advancement rules is that they allow (require, in a sense) that a character grow in a way that suits his racial archetype. Orcs are usually tough and violent, elves are quick and graceful, and so on. It also allows me to have racial abilities become available at a time they would not be unbalancing for a PC to have them — a drow’s spell-like abilities might be too powerful for a first-level character, but suitable for a fifth-level character. In the RAW, these could be part of the +2 level adjustment that is currently inflicted on drow PCs (Spell Resistance is obviously another part).

By making these racial treats accessible by feats at appropriate levels, the need for level adjustment is reduced. A common rule of thumb is that three decent-chosen feats are about equivalent to one level. If a drow’s spell resistance accounts for half of the +2 level adjustment, it seems pretty simple to conclude that making the SR available at the cost of three feats would be about in line.

  • Spell Resistance (gives SR equal to HD)
  • Improved Spell Resistance (increases racial SR by 5)
  • Greater Spell Resistance (increases racial SR by another 5, to 10+HD… RAW, drow have SR 11+HD, so I’m prepared to consider this ‘close enough’)


Armor Fortification Feats

Lots of feats are available to improve how you use your weapons, including increasing the chance of landing a critical hit. Until I presented Armor Focus Feats) there weren’t many ways to improve how well you use your armor. Here I present some more feats that allow you to make better use of your armor by reducing the chance of a critical hit or sneak attack doing extra damage to you.