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Early Peek: No Salvation for Witches

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Rafael Chandler’s work, what with my posts about the Teratic Tome and Lasus Naturae (which I’m really looking forward to getting, Rafael tells me it’s on target for release on schedule).

No Salvation for Witches Indiegogo BannerI was recently sent a preliminary copy of No Salvation for Witches, a 64-page adventure (A5 format, roughly 6″x9″ book) for Lamentations of the Flame Princess being published through James Raggi’s company Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

Also, not incidentally, it is the subject of a soon-to-end Indiegogo project, something of a old experiment: Pay What You Want. There is a minimum 1€, and shipping is not included but roughly estimated as “around 5€, but we cannot guarantee that postage costs will not rise”. Historically shipping from Finland has worked out surprisingly well — I just checked with _Lamentations of the Flame Princess_, a 160-page hardcover (2.5 times as long as this book) with the same page size and shipping costs to Canada range from 6€ for ‘economy shipping’ through 30€ for ‘tracked shipping’ (and 11€ for ‘first class shipping’).


Hall of Fame: Vulpinoid Geomorph Tutorials

I’ve just added a new entry to the Hall of Fame regarding geomorphs and their design and use.

Michael Wenman of Observations of the Fox has been publishing a collection of mapping tutorials, and lately has been exploring and explaining geomorphs. I’ve been inspired by this series to start working on my own, and have created a couple PDFs of hex tile templates that may be useful for those interested in doing the same.

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