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Recent Releases 2015-12-27: Rogues, Fighters, and Polyhedral Pantheons

Recent releases, as of December 2015.

Echelon Explorations: Polyhedral Pantheons cover

Echelon Explorations: Polyhedral Pantheons

Echelon Explorations: Polyhedral Pantheons

The gods create the world… and you create the gods.

Whether you need only a small pantheon with a few deities, or a larger pantheon with dozens of deities, Polyhedral Pantheons gives you tools to make pantheon creation easy. This book also contains three pantheons and over seventy deities as examples you can use in your game.

  • The Shu-shi Pantheon, venerated by Chinese halflings who seek a life of peace and serenity.
  • The Goblin Pantheon, propitiated by goblins who live hard lives defined by isolation, destruction, and madness.
  • The Elemental Tetratheon, shared by a four nations and divided by element.

This product includes Echelon Explorations: Polyhedral Pantheons Worksheets as a second PDF.

Echelon Reference Series: Fighters cover

Echelon Reference Series: Fighters

Echelon Reference Series: Fighters (3pp+PRD)

Echelon Reference Series: Fighters (PRD-only)

This is the *ahem* “Rough And Fast” version. Classes and other game elements are present, but the additional features such as the full feat diagrams — which will be many, these books each contain hundreds of combat feats, 484 in the PRD-only book and 587 in the 3pp+PRD book — are not yet done. As such, the books are currently offered at a 50% discount (which will become a 25% discount as work is completed, and no discount when done… the intermediate and final documents will be added to the products as and when they are done).

Big thanks to Craig Brasco for the cover image. I find his sketches can be good enough for use on covers, you can see more of his work at

Echelon Reference Series: Rogues cover

Echelon Reference Series: Rogues

Echelon Reference Series: Rogues (3pp+PRD)

Echelon Reference Series: Rogues (PRD-only)

This is also an RAF (“Rough And Fast”) release. Classes (rogue and ninja), archetypes, class feature, feats, and so on, but diagrams are not yet done. Half-price for now, with the updated versions added to the product as they are completed.

Sometimes Adversarial DMs Can Be Fun…

Long, long ago we were playing in a campaign and had a flying ship. We hired troll shock troops. A little more expensive than normal mercenaries, but the extra cost was offset by reduced materiel costs — we didn’t have to pay for parachutes, the trolls would aim when they dropped on enemy troops.

time passed, we were away from our ship and the DM evidently forgot we had one…

The DM had ruled that ‘only fire and acid damage’ didn’t regenerate, so we couldn’t do the ‘chop it up and burn the bits’ solution. So on a later adventure we didn’t have enough fire solutions to completely cook the (not-our-employee) trolls and took to basically mincing them, reducing their hit points to deep negative values so we’d have time to do our thing and escape before they reconstituted enough to be a threat again.

This made our DM sad, so he ruled that it wasn’t the biggest chunk of troll that regenerated, but that trolls were rather like worms and each piece could reconstitute. He established this as a hard rule in the campaign.

We called them ‘mincelings’ for a while, but he ruled that they would grow back to full size and the name never stuck.

more time passes, we returned to our ship and some time later, to war

Me: “Rules define the world physics, right?”

DM: “Yeah.”

Me: “And house rules are as strong as published rules, right?”

DM: “Stronger, they overrule the published rules.” smug look

Me: “Okay. I make some changes to the ship’s facilities.”


“‘Awright boys! I learned something about you lot while we were on the ground. I pay normal rate for each of you what drops, but if you want to make even more money, I’ll pay the same again for each and every one of you boards later if you go through this woodchipper on your way down!'”

The look of horror on the DM’s face was amazing. But I’ll give him full points for honesty and integrity, and openness to the sheer awesomeness of the vision — even if it was nasty and sticky — of a trollential downpour of regenerating monsters to crush the Alliance of Light.