Celtic-Type Setting in D&D 3.x

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Here are some initial thoughts on a Celtic-type region in my campaign.  I haven’t worked out much by way of names and the like yet; here I’m sketching out what game entities could be expected to be found.

In short, a fairly heroic Celtic-style campaign setting.  Largely late bronze age culture technologically, there are more advanced nations that interact (enough that they do show up, not so much to be common).  Lots of interaction with the fey (which is probably part of the reason they still use bronze — those bringing in iron would probably be… firmly discouraged from continuing to do so).  Religion is fairly animistic (no big religious structures, though culturally similar from area to area; some fairly common strictures, and those who travel generally know enough to realize they are ignorant of local rules and behaviors and to adapt as needed).

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Mining the Archives

Part of the reason I created this site was to build a repository of posts I’ve made to rec.games.frp.dnd.

It didn’t take long before this was my primary publishing location, and I just published links in RGFD.  I’m entirely okay with that, but my original goal kind of fell to the wayside.

I want to move back to the original goal a bit.  I’ll be periodically going back to USENET, digging up older posts, brushing them up, and republishing them here.

To be honest, I’m looking forward to revisiting some of these old posts.  There are a lot of things I would do differently now (I might end up laughing at them…) but even so there should still be things of interest.