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Hit Point Variations: Mana and Madness and Taint, Oh My!

A couple of years ago I wrote a post On Hit Points and Healing, and a couple months after that a post exploring the Implications of Changes to the Hit Point Model. According to my logs, it seems both have been fairly well-received. It occurred to me recently that the model can be further extended […]

Rethinking Pathfinder Cleric Subdomains, Part 2

Yesterday I described some things I don’t like about Pathfinder cleric subdomains.  Now it’s time to think about what to do about these things. I think I’ll do this in several passes, since so far I’ve found the solutions I come up with tend to interact with more than one of my sources of dissatisfaction. […]

Rethinking Pathfinder Cleric Subdomains, Part 1

I’ll start by saying that I like Pathfinder’s domains and subdomains. Domains provide a structured means to collect divine spells and granted powers so they can be assigned and associated with gods in a structured way.  Pathfinder expanded on the D&D 3.x model by adding an intermediate power available to eighth-level clerics.  I like this. […]

Dividing the Population

I’ve been thinking for a long time about how to split up populations. There are many possibilities: race, class, faction, alignment, level, profession (distinctly different from faction), and so on. In D&D 3.x these appear to be handled pretty inconsistently. Analysis Before delving too deeply into solutions, let’s think a bit about what has come […]

DCC Funnel Development

Erik Tenkar runs the Adventurer Conqueror King or Die! campaign most Saturday nights.  The session reports I’ve been posting for the last couple months are shameless pandering to his ego (in exchange for a 10% increase in XP… I’m not proud). We recently acquired henchmen who accompany us into the dangerous places.  We gained them […]

RPG Sources: Demons and Rituals

Demons and rituals are both staples of fantasy.  I’d like to see what I can do with them, especially integrating these topics with ideas from the Books and Libraries reworking I am doing. D&D a much better job here overall, with a great deal more material and application in the rules.  There is a broad […]

RPG Sources: Books and Libraries

Tomes, grimoires, dusty libraries, all have been used in any number of stories.  They have varying importance in role playing games, from terribly (and terrifyingly) important in Call of Cthulhu to being MacGuffins in certain adventure scenarios to being where you can exchange gold for questions answered. I have noticed that D&D doesn’t do all […]

Revising Cleric Domains

For some time now I’ve been dissatisfied with how some cleric domains are implemented.  Overall there are things I like, and places where I find them lacking.  I think domains can use a general tuneup. Things I like about D&D 3.x domains: They provide a set of related spells that (ideally) support the concept and […]

Generating Hoards by the Cards, Scrolls

Scrolls are one of the simpler tables to populate.  This isn’t complete yet, but trivially covers most of it. I’d like to see more ‘special writings’, especially at low levels, but scrolls are about it.  I could imagine mundane books of interest, but there really isn’t much exciting by way of special writings at low […]

Generating Hoards by the Cards, Worksheets

I cobbled together a quick worksheet for choosing general items for each treasure type and tier.  I want the value of the treasure associated with each card to generally trend upward with the rank of the card (Aces low), and the value between tiers to roughly triple.  The values within a tier (and between the […]