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Hall of Fame: Vulpinoid Geomorph Tutorials

I’ve just added a new entry to the Hall of Fame regarding geomorphs and their design and use. Michael Wenman of Observations of the Fox has been publishing a collection of mapping tutorials, and lately has been exploring and explaining geomorphs. I’ve been inspired by this series to start working on my own, and have created a couple […]

Jack Shear “On Publishing”

Jack Shear of Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque wrote a post about why he publishes as he does. I decided it worth mentioning why I follow his work as I do. I read the blog because I like the content. I grab and print the PDFs because I like having hard copy and you […]

Wandering Gamist’s “Adventure Template Library”

I can’t help but think that John’s idea of an Adventure Template Library is a damn good one. I propose therefore the creation of a cross-edition open-source adventure-template library, comparable in purpose and workflow to sourceforge. Someone (or several someones) creates an adventure for their game and decide to upload it. They strip out edition-specific […]

Kamiwaza — “Godly Skill”

“Kamiwaza” is a Japanese word meaning “godly skill”. This video is a little over twelve minutes long and shows the winner of a ‘Kamiwaza contest’ (I don’t read Japanese, so I’m largely inferring from observation, and my wife confirmed that that’s more or less what’s happening here). This person basically builds a large mobile in […]

Link of Fame: Live Action Toy Story

I like the Toy Story series. However, I obviously don’t like it the way the folks that did this like it. 80 minutes of Toy Story played through with the actual toys.

Reaper Bones Unboxing

Ultimately I didn’t back the Reaper Miniatures Bones Kickstarter, I simply couldn’t afford it with the other things I wanted more. This video makes me smile, though.  The initial pan over the minis in the Vampire box is impressive, and just how much is there is really cool. And apparently they’re still on track to deliver in […]

Video: Moon Trance – Lindsey Stirling

Yes, looks like it beats Thriller to me. Nicely creepy, too.  Well-played, literally.

Happy Birthday, Jim

I’ve seen Tom Smith’s shows.  High-energy and a lot of fun. Now watch him reduce a room to silence and sniffles. Jim Henson would have been 76 today.  Happy Birthday, Jim.

Link of Fame: Batman of Shanghai

Well, isn’t this interesting? A heavily-stylized Batman animation, set in 1930s Shanghai. I’d certainly give this show a chance.

Link of Fame: Fistful of Rupees

I… don’t think I can do justice to this in my description. If Hyrule were set in the Wild West, it may well look like this. Part 1: “The Wisdom” Part 2: “The Power” Part 3: “The Courage”