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Several Mountain Ranges Together

I’ve written a couple times recently about simple techniques for drawing mountain ranges. Yesterday I showed how I draw the basic landforms, and on Sunday I showed how I manipulate them to relieve monotonous elements and make them look better to me. Under normal circumstances I would have presented the material in a different order (and […]

Revisiting the Mountain Tutorial, Drawing the Initial Landform

On Sunday I posted a tutorial on a technique I use when drawing mountains. This tutorial focused on a specific set of techniques used to cause a frighteningly boring mountain range — in this case, several parallel ‘ranges’ that were completely straight, uniformly straight, and parallel. They demonstrated how to take and turn them into […]

On Mapping Mountains, Using a Few Simple Tricks

On G+ I saw a map that I quite liked, but there was a mountain range on it that seemed too perfect. The ridge line of the range was very clean, with a couple sections that were quite straight (and at almost right angles), and another that followed a smooth curve. All three of these ridge lines […]

Fantastic (Hex) Maps

Jonathan Roberts of Fantastic Maps (who worked on a little thing I linked to on the right) is working on a hex mapping web application. This morning I got access to it and put together a little map. Quickly. Pretty easily. There are some interface improvements to come, but overall I’m excited about this. It’s written as a […]

Quick Map, A Bit of Experimentation

I’ve done a lot of writing this month, I figured I’d knock off a little map quickly in GIMP and call it a day. This one is a little experimental. For determining landforms I usually use a technique where I draw the general shape, then overlay some noise and select a range of colors from […]

Cartography Styles in Seekers of Lore

There are many ways to present campaign maps. Depending on the purpose, different map styles can be more appropriate than others. Seekers of Lore is going to be very much a sandbox campaign, with a great deal of exploration. There are two primary map styles I am considering. Artistic Maps As a rule, I quite […]

Sample Geomorphs

GreyKnight asked for some sample tiles that show ‘nonlinear features’, so I’ve done up three tiles. Sample Cave Tiles I decided to do cave tiles because it was quick and easy (draw some squiggles, floodfill them, and call it done).  Drawing with a mouse sucks. Tile 1: Simple Cave This is a very simple tile […]

Extending Geomorphs

I recently had this blog added to the RPG Blog Alliance (there’s even a wee banner in the links section); I won’t insult anyone by describing what it is. This aggregator has shown me a slew of blogs I wasn’t aware of and I’ve found some articles that greatly interested me.  There are a lot […]

Vale of Elsir, Reinterpreted

A friend of mind is running a D&D 4e campaign and was unhappy with one of the maps he was using.  In order to get a complete view of the Vale he was using several maps butted together.  They had differences in color and style (which never looks good) and some weird geography that got […]

Yet Another Map

Some more experimentation.  I’m generally happy with it but there are some things I’m dissatisfied with. Mountains, I’m mostly happy.  A little artifacting still visible, but applying a bit more (or a different?) displacement map to it could solve that. Hills (the brownish-green bits) could do with a bit more breaking up.  The hills use […]