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13th Age-Style Icons in the Sandbox, Part 6: Inversion

I now have a set of 13 icons: the 12 major icons, and the 13th, the High One. Under normal circumstances where I have no particular plan, I might roll a few dice to see which icons are involved, or at least interested, in the current event. I might use a mix of d12s and d20s: […]

13th Age-Style Icons in the Sandbox, Part 5: The High One

In drafting the other twelve icons, I had in the back of my mind a thirteenth icon similar to 13th Age’s Prince of Shadows. This is a compelling archetype, the ambiguous figure that has his (her? their?) fingers in everything, and it’s never quite clear if it is for weal or woe. I still want a […]

13th Age-Style Icons in the Sandbox, Part 4: Creation, Second Pass

In my last post in this series I drafted a set of twelve icons, based on twenty campaign elements or themes. This is to fit a Celtic-inspired setting, so we’ve got raids (between clans and otherwise), fey, giants, curses, spirits, invasion from a couple directions (sea reavers/’vikings’, and more civilized neighbors), plus a few other […]