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Ability Damage in Echelon

After my recent posts about Ability Pools and their use, including as a resource opponents can target, I thought I would do a bit of simple analysis to see if things are sane or not. So far, I think they are. In this article I am exploring only the effects of ability damage in Echelon, […]

Ability Pool Reserves

I was thinking about how Ability Pools will be used. There are some obvious uses such as fueling talent abilities (such as Spot talent’s clairvoyance), they are a way to measure (and mitigate) conditions and ability damage.  I love that they should get rid of ad hoc adjustments during play. It occurred to me that instead […]

Ability Scores, Modifiers, and Pools

I have mentioned in previous posts the possibility of using ‘ability pools’ to fuel various powers and as a replacement for ability score damage and temporary effects. I wrote up a first draft at Echelond20.org that I will summarize here. Echelon does not inherently need ability scores, and I have considered a few times removing […]