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Falling off the RNG

‘Falls off the RNG’ is an expression many designers use to describe designs that cause two characters of comparable power to have large enough differences that they exceed the size of the random number generator (RNG, usually dice in a tabletop RPG).  At this point it is impossible for the lower-score character to defeat the […]

Ability Damage in Echelon

After my recent posts about Ability Pools and their use, including as a resource opponents can target, I thought I would do a bit of simple analysis to see if things are sane or not. So far, I think they are. In this article I am exploring only the effects of ability damage in Echelon, […]

Incorporating Iron Heroes, Part 1

In 2005 Malhavoc Press published Iron Heroes, written by Mike Mearls as a variant Player’s Handbook. This supplement and setting focused on martial characters, with only minor support for spellcasters and other arcanists. A great deal of work went into making for more cinematic combat in D&D, where low-level combatants got to do some cool […]

Base Save and Attack Bonus

Base Attack Bonus and base save bonuses work much better in D&D 3.x than they have in previous editions. However, I think there is room for improvement.