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Dungeons of Carcassonne: What It Might Look Like

I was reviewing my site stats today and saw an inbound link to my Dungeons of Carcassonne post from last year. I’d almost forgotten about it (and the followup post) This happy reminder caused me to consider reposting the link to Google+, and while I looked for an image of a Carcassonne tile to add […]

Dungeons of Carcassonne, Part 2

On reconsideration, Dungeons of Carcassonne could be almost playable (if not very good) pretty soon. Some thoughts from today: Danger of a room is equal to the number of tiles in the room plus the number of dead meeples (dead meeples means the room is clearly more dangerous than its size suggests).  May also be […]

Dungeons of Carcassonne

A conversation on Google+ has made me think, more and more, about adapting Carcassonne as a tile-based dungeon crawl. I don’t have the details in mind yet, but here are some ideas to start ‘Roads’ are now ‘passages’, complete with branches and loops. ‘Cities’ are now ‘rooms’ (or caverns, whatever). Fields are basically impassable, unless […]