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Response to “Some Thoughts On Criticals – Curving the Scores”

Erik at Tenkar’s Tavern has Some Thoughts On Criticals – Curving the Scores. In short, he isn’t so keen on the common approaches (maximum/double damage on a natural 20, or natural 20 plus confirmation roll).  He suggests an alternative rule where if you roll five or more above the number you needed (in D&D 3.x, […]

Boom! Head Shot!

A few months ago I posted about a different model for hit points and healing, then followed up a few weeks ago with a post considering some of the implications of making those changes. One of the lingering thoughts I’ve had is that it comes close to modeling desired behavior for undead, but doesn’t quite […]

Implications of Changes to the Hit Point Model

A couple of months ago I posted some thoughts about hit points and healing . This is playable model, and the martial artists I discussed it with said that while it’s not exactly realistic, it has the shape of something believable.  That is, the relationship between ‘hard to kill’ (or ‘hard to beat down’, more likely in a real fight) […]

On Hit Points and Healing

I consider an alternative out of combat healing model that may simplify my life and reduce the work I need to do… and get rid of the silly healing stick I see so many treat as standard equipment.