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Dragons in Echelon

About a month and a half ago I posted an article that said that I expected it to be tricky to implement dragons in my ‘monster reconstruction’ scheme. That may still be so, but I realized recently that they may actually be quite easy in Echelon. It was a fair bit of work to get […]

Exploring Armor Options

A few days ago I posted rules for armor in Echelon. Some have been retained, some discarded because they were impractical or didn’t achieve the goals I wanted. Two benefits of armor that I really liked were that armor provided Damage Reduction and energy resistance. I removed the Damage Reduction because after the increase in […]

Defenses in Echelon, Take 2

Three things learned today: People are reading these articles, with a critical eye. I can blow it sometimes. … I evidently can’t count to three, because I forgot the last one. Comments Received I’ve seen comments about yesterday’s post that include the following: Damage Reduction is way too high, especially at low level. Critical hits […]

Defenses in Echelon

I’ve written before about saving throw talents, and there is a talent to improve a character’s Dexterity, but I haven’t yet discussed much how to help keep a character from getting hurt in a fight. I have not yet run numbers on this, so this is greatly subject to change. I’d like to see a […]