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Pathfinder Domain Cards, Version 1

I’ve got a first cut at a set of domain cards (technically three sets — one for the core domains, one for core subdomains, and one for domains from third-party publishers). These aren’t done yet.  I’m sure there is room for refinement.  I could certainly change the fonts, but I can see dressing the cards […]

Pathfinder Domain Map

I’m reviewing my Polyhedral Pantheons material and building a deck of cards to help me actually apply the process a little more easily.  I wanted to automate the card layout and construction as much as possible, so I’ll be creating XSL-FO files (to be converted to PDF) from text data files. I find that testing […]

Rethinking Pathfinder Cleric Subdomains, Part 2

Yesterday I described some things I don’t like about Pathfinder cleric subdomains.  Now it’s time to think about what to do about these things. I think I’ll do this in several passes, since so far I’ve found the solutions I come up with tend to interact with more than one of my sources of dissatisfaction. […]

Rethinking Pathfinder Cleric Subdomains, Part 1

I’ll start by saying that I like Pathfinder’s domains and subdomains. Domains provide a structured means to collect divine spells and granted powers so they can be assigned and associated with gods in a structured way.  Pathfinder expanded on the D&D 3.x model by adding an intermediate power available to eighth-level clerics.  I like this. […]

Revising Cleric Domains

For some time now I’ve been dissatisfied with how some cleric domains are implemented.  Overall there are things I like, and places where I find them lacking.  I think domains can use a general tuneup. Things I like about D&D 3.x domains: They provide a set of related spells that (ideally) support the concept and […]

Polyhedral Pantheons: Pathfinder Edition

The Revisited Polyhedral Pantheon Design technique still has a couple difficulties, though. First, if you use only the Revised System Reference Document (RSRD) you don’t have enough domains.  The RSRD includes 22 domains — slightly more than needed if you don’t want the gods to have personal domains, but not enough to cover the shared […]

Alignment Domain Talents

After presenting talents based on the domain feats published in Agents of Faith I got some useful comments. Some were as simple as identifying that particular tier abilities kind of sucked, some were suggestions for alternatives that looked like a rather better fit. I’ve decided to present talents for a few domains at a time. […]

Divine Powers in Echelon

I think arcane spellcasters are fairly well handled with the Eldritch Weaving rules I’m adapting. Bards aren’t specifically addressed, but the adaptations needed are fairly straightforward. The Eldritch Weaving rules I’m adapting don’t really address divine spellcasters. Divine spellcasters also have other powers (domain powers, druidic abilities, and so on). This actually shouldn’t be terribly […]

Divine Channelling

All clerics in a RAW game can either Turn Undead or Rebuke Undead. This doesn’t seem right to me because it seems to me that not all settings or religions would put enough emphasis on undead to make it relevant. Also, I don’t really like the way turning works — it either doesn’t work at […]


I originally got the idea for my karma rules from David Harper’s Kismet rules. They are not available online, unfortunately. I have adapted them for use with d20 rules. Karma is a point-based measure of accumulated luck, divine favor, and other such concepts. Karma points are also sometimes referred to as ‘save-my-ass points’, reflecting their […]