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Failures of D&D 3.x, Part 3

Down to the last set of failures, and can’t say that they are necessarily serious problems for everyone. However, I have seen complaints about them a number of times, so I’ll do what I can to describe them. These are things where reasonable applications of the rules lead to possibly undesirable results. I’m classifying these […]

Failures of D&D 3.x, Part 2

I’ve described perhaps the biggest systemic problems, now for a few things relating to application of the rules. These points aren’t as critical to game balance, but certainly detract from the game experience. Preparation time and complexity, temporary changes, and figuring out just how powerful something is can all be problems.

Failures of D&D 3.x

I think I’ll start my ‘Thing a Day’ series with a description of why and how I think D&D fails. This is likely to be a work in progress, the points below are more or less off the top of my head. I’ve been playing RPGs for almost thirty years, a wide range of them, […]