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Token Pools in Echelon

When I first read of the token pool mechanic in Iron Heroes (the core of which can be found on this site in the Open Gaming Content Library under Token Pools) I wasn’t pleased. I thought they would be a pain to track. In the last few years I’ve been watching and playing a lot […]

Martial and Casting Tweaks

The rules I drafted for Eldritch Weaving and Martial Disciplines both looked workable when I wrote them. When I compared the results, though, I found they didn’t feel quite equivalent to me. Among the differences, I think that the buy-in cost for martial disciplines is higher than for eldritch weaving; you gain more options from […]

Polymorph and Wildshape

Polymorph and wildshape (limited target form polymorph) have long had problems in D&D. I don’t remember what the problems were in AD&D, but I remember that in D&D 3.x there were problems with the choice of target form, how exactly to apply the polymorph, and the escalation caused by ever-increasing monster forms. Seeing a character […]

Martial Spellcasters (Gish Builds), Part 1

Previous editions had some real problems with multiclass characters. In some cases they didn’t exist (BECMI, ignoring the ‘prestige’ versions of the classes), were way too effective while at the same time being strictly structured (AD&D), or tended to pretty much cripple multiclass characters unless various patches and workarounds were applied (D&D 3.x). I’ve read […]

Martial Disciplines, Take 2

I’m really tired tonight (less than eight hours sleep in the last two nights together) so I’m going to keep this one short. A few days ago I posted an article titled “Martial Disciplines, Take 1” to incorporate Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords into Echelon. It looks more or less workable with a […]

Martial Disciplines, Take 1

I mentioned in a comment yesterday that I might take a run at talents to implement the martial disciplines from Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords published by Wizards of the Coast. I’ve reviewed the book this evening and decided that a close match for the initiate classes (Crusader, Sword Sage, and Warblade) […]