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Random Encounter Tables: Second Thoughts (Heavy Lifting, part 2)

… I suppose I could have found a way to get a dash in there or something.  What’s one more separator in a title? I realized today after Random Encounter Tables: Second Thoughts (Heavy Lifting) went up that the raw percentages might not be so useful overall, but didn’t have time at that point to […]

Random Encounter Tables: Second Thoughts (Heavy Lifting)

I had some Second Thoughts about Random Encounter Tables.  Erik Tenkar likes using three dice for his random encounter tables because he likes the curve, and planned to have deliberate, potentially large gaps in the table so he could combine the random encounter check (determine whether there is one) and the encounter selection (determine what […]

Random Encounter Tables: Second Thoughts

After talking about Building Random Encounter Tables a couple days ago, I’ve seen a few suggestions that could improve the results somewhat. Erik Tenkar talks about deliberately leaving blanks in the random encounter table so a single table handles not only the selection of encounter but whether or not there is an encounter at all. […]

Building Random Encounter Tables

I was chatting with Martin Ralya (from Gnome Stew) about building random encounter tables and thought I’d try to capture some of my thoughts here. For a long time I’ve leaned toward simulationism in gaming.  I wanted to know why everything was and for it to make sense. As you might imagine, this was a […]