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Damage Progression

I’ve been examining damage charts, especially the damage for increasing monster size and weapon sizes. This is post is largely analysis and comparison. I’m not done with this topic. I think I’ve got something (several somethings, in fact) that are better than the RSRD version, but I’m not satisfied yet that it’s done.

Weapons Guidelines, Part 1

I remember posting a bit about this to rec.games.frp.dnd, but don’t remember if I included the bits about weapon reach.  This article is a first cut of recapturing that post, with some additional  information.  The rules are generally complete, but some of the weapon modeling needs some adjustment. The model is not a perfect match […]

Bastard Weapons

I’ve never been entirely happy with how bastard weapons were handled in 3.x. I’ve had characters use them where it was a good fit for the character concept (okay, one PC that I played, and some NPCs), but most of the time it’s grossly inefficient. If you want more damage with a one-handed weapon, take […]

Enchanted Arms and Armor

I treat enchanted arms and armor slightly differently from core rules. This affects not only the enchanted items, but a few other rules as well.