12 Seeds: Fantasy A (Mythic Fairy Tale)

I really liked how the Horror Seeds turned out yesterday, and a Facebook post today caught my eye.

The blacksmith’s daughter has been captured by goblins too many times. Give me your “fresh” low level village shenanigans, writing prompts, or pointers to short modules (< 10 pages) on dmsguild or such.

Challenge accepted.

Yesterday I mixed the Horror expansion and the Gothic and Eldritch Horror boosters, skipping the base Story Engine Deck altogether. Today, it’s a mix of Fantasy expansion, and Fairy Tale and Mythology boosters.

  1. A courageous familiar wants wants to imprison a dangerous spirit in a gemstone, but they will gain a corrupting power.
  2. A forest spirit wants to stop an enemy from reaching a spellbound throne, but will lose their connection to magic and whimsey.
  3. A celestial warrior wants to found a religion on a prophecy, but an ancient evil will be released.
  4. A jealous liege wants to stop the negotiations for a masterwork ring, but they will lose their followers.
  5. A draconian titan wants to reach the magic realm through a bewitched castle, but they do not meet the terms of the prophecy.
  6. A weaver wants to solve the puzzle of a pair of half-elven gloves, but they must forget the thing that means the world to them.
  7. A charismatic emissary wants to claim a birthright involving a sacred mountain, but their days will start to pass too quickly.
  8. A true-hearted fighter wants to win a duel in a fairy-touched aerie, but they will suffer an injury that does not heal.
  9. A bandit wants to find someone lost inside an infernal realm, but it will mean laying down arms forever.
  10. An eternal god-child wants to break a pact involving an omen, but they will bring darkness to those whose path they cross.
  11. A treefolk wants to enchant a prophetic lamp, but bad luck with follow them forever.
  12. A druid wants to claim the hidden artifact of an enigmatic grove, but it will mean a city is destroyed.

Okay, some tasty seeds here, but I think I didn’t hit the low-level feel the OP was looking for. The Mythology booster, as might be expected, goes for big stories… but I like the seeds too much to reject them.

I think I might try again tomorrow, leaving out the Mythology booster and maybe the Fairy Tale booster, and mixing in the base set.

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