12 Seeds: Sci-Fi A (Dystopian Cyberpunk)

Third up in my 12 Seeds series, after Horror and Fantasy, it’s time to break out Science Fiction-based Story Engine Cards.

I’d initially thought to use the Sci-Fi expansion and the Cyberpunk and Dystopian boosters, looking at a Snow Crash or Shadowrun kind of vibe, but the Post-Apocalyptic or Military Sci-Fi boosters could also fit well…

No, nope, sticking with my first choice. I can try the others another time.

  1. An idealistic chemist wants conduct blackmail with a corporate holodisk, but it will set a mass extermination in motion.
  2. A disgraced propagandist wants to create a distraction with a viral simulation, but it will mean getting involved in someone else’s fight.
  3. A brutal guerilla wants to track down a radical body modification, but they will be blacklisted.
  4. An undercover agent wants to follow the tracking device planted in an unregistered implant, but it will mean joining the enemy.
  5. A gifted chrononaut wants to invent (or discover) a bio-enhancement, but a widely used technology will become unstable.
  6. An untraceable android wants to break into a government facility for an aquatic server room, but they will live the rest of their life on the run.
  7. A precognitive revolution wants to change the past with a reckless EMP device, but it will make their timeline dangerously unstable.
  8. A gestating extra-terrestrial wants to make a weapon out of a time-manipulating control tower, but it will unite their enemies.
  9. A downtrodden programmer wants to upgrade the tech of a compromised power suite, but it will introduce a dangerous technology to the world.
  10. An arms dealer wants to make a power grab with a privately owned satellite, but it will draw the attention of the government.
  11. A corp employee wants to pull of a heist with/of an unlisted cloaking device, but it will mean trusting someone who betrayed them.
  12. A fugitive wants to light the powder keg of revolution with the match of a government secret, but all their secrets will be revealed.

All told, I’m pretty happy with how these sets played with each other. All of these seeds look like something I could work with, and are not things I would have come up with on my own.

Also, I have confirmed I really should have proofread my card text capture better. Man did I have a lot of typos on these cards… including one that was missing an entire edge of text (only three strings instead of four, one edge of the card was completely blank). Not my best work… but the cards were still usable, so good enough for now.

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