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I floated an idea yesterday at google+, and figured I’d see if there’s broader appeal.

I am considering (because I don’t seem to have enough things to do) starting a sandbox resource site, ideally with shared input.  I’d likely create and manage the site but want submissions from other people interested.

I favor a ‘node-oriented’ sandbox rather than a hexcrawl, but there’s no reason these have to conflict. ‘Temple of the Lost Dog’ works much the same whether you describe it being in a valley at the end of the overgrown trail (with a ‘local area encounter list’) as it does as a hex description.

Random tables, adventure sites (with or without maps), and so on. I like Jeff Rients‘ idea of supporting hexmaps linked to the various resources (though I’m not sure at this point just how it would be be implemented), and I’m certain there are other ideas worth considering as well.

Anyone else interested in taking part?

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  1. February 2, 2012 - 4:16 pm | Permalink

    Hey, this is something that I think could be really interesting. I put together some links for west marches type games at my blog if your looking for more links for your website if you ever get it up and running:

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