Touched by the Gods

Seekers of Lore

Seekers of Lore

… a little rambly, I’m trying to get this down before I forget.

I realized the other day that I was overthinking things with regard to discovering and restoring the gods in Seekers of Lore.

My initial expectation was that clerics were cultists, followers of specific gods, since that’s how I’ve run them for a couple of decades now… but for Seekers of Lore that would cause some problems.

Instead, clerics are godspeakers. They don’t necessarily worship any particular god, but speak for and to all the gods. The core cleric spell list will be fairly small to start.

Over time, though, most clerics might be expected to form relationships with various groups, gods, and other entities. It might be worth joining with the Sons of the Wolf because it could lead to an allegiance and covenant with Harual, Lord of Wolves (and potentially skinshifting abilities).

This is not limited to clerics. Clerics might be the only ones who can really take advantage of expanding clerical spell knowledge (which they probably take with them if they leave — I like the idea of apostate priests), but characters of other classes can easily be acceptable to form covenants with greater powers. In this case rangers could be an excellent match, fighters and rogues less so, but even wizards and paladins could fit.

The idea of a werewolf(ish) paladin hunting the unrighteous through the snow-shrouded forest, calling on his lupine brethren to assist, is kind of cool to me.

Under this model “cleric” becomes a core set of abilities and training. This can be expanded on by exploring and discovering lost knowledge, just as with other characters, and other characters can benefit from the abilities to be gained by discovering a lost god or supporting them.

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  1. October 23, 2013 - 1:49 pm | Permalink

    That is a really nifty idea. I am very interested as how you develop it and the paths that can be taken.

    And wolf-paladin, very nice.

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