AGE of Rediscovery: 1.0 – Player Introduction

Seekers of Lore
Seekers of Lore

Long ago, the gods walked this world. Then something happened, and the gods left and the world changed and much was lost.

Gods… knowledge… even places and entire races were lost. In the time since this upheaval, though, some of the things thought destroyed were actually found.

We have relearned some of what we once knew. We have found peoples and places far from where they once were… we found them changed, often reduced or damaged, and yet we did find them.

Civilization is not yet what it was, but it exists, and it continues to grow. The rules for civilization are sometimes strict and unyielding, because we must keep what we have regained.

There is a place for those who… do not fit in so well, who chafe under these rules. They can go to the borderlands, to search for what was lost. To learn what we forgot. To find the places that cannot be reached.

These are… you are… the Seekers of Lore.

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