AGE of Rediscovery: 0.3 – Amorphic Storm

Seekers of Lore
Seekers of Lore

The greater gods created the seed of Paradise. The lesser gods came out of the waves of amorphia and joined their wills to those of the greater gods to make Paradise greater.

Where did the greater gods come from, though? Amorphic waves only created lesser gods and the greater gods could not know what came before, nor what created them.

While working on their new haven, the gods learned, and learned painfully.

The greater gods came from an amorphic storm, an overwhelming confluence of waves.

An amorphic storm struck. The gods in the haven were wrenched out by their peers in their struggle to survive, to keep Paradise together as it was torn asunder around them.

Greater gods were created by the score, and lesser gods by the legion. Many gods, greater and lesser, were consumed by the storm.

The survivors gathered around the shards of Paradise, scattered now about amorphia and warped by the experience. New alliances formed to replace those destroyed, and the shards of Paradise reformed into smaller, more secure refuges from the Storm.

Even the new haven was affected. The gods would have been gratified that the changes were limited to the sorts of things they themselves did while building it… and even as inconvenienced as the mortals were, many — a small fraction to be sure, but still enough — survived to start rebuilding.

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