AGE of Rediscovery: 0.2 – A New Haven

Seekers of Lore
Seekers of Lore

When the gods created Paradise, it was purely through their instinct and will to survive. As much as it did shelter them from the worst ravages of amorphia, it was not perfect.

It kept amorphia away from the gods, mostly, but was itself within amorphia. It required constant effort from the gods to maintain it, and even then there were breaches… and amorphic waves that could only be reduced in effect.

The gods needed a better place.

The devised a great plan to create a new haven. Rather than a brittle shell protecting them from amorphia, they would create a series of defenses to insulate them more thoroughly.

All together, they enacted this plan.

They created the plane of fire. High energy and malleable, close to but not the same as amorphia. Little is created here, but much is changed or destroyed. This is the first barrier against amorphia, setting change against change.

Inside this plane, they created the plane of air. Still very malleable, and in fact almost empty of matter, but lower energy than the plane of fire. Most change here is change of location only. Already this was safer than Paradise, but barren.

The gods learned this when an amorphic wave swept through Paradise. With so many gods working on the new haven the defense against amorphia was reduced, and while those in the plane of air were sheltered, those still in Paradise were hard-pressed to survive… and it was a minor wave.

More work needed to be done.

Inside the plane of air, the gods created the plane of water. This provided more weight to resist amorphia, while still be fluid enough to move with amorphia rather than be forcibly broken.

Inside the plane of water, the gods created the plane of earth. This was the final shield for their new home. The plane is rigid and unyielding; what amorphia made it through the other three planes would be so weakened that it would wash away harmlessly.

Inside this, they began making a home for themselves. They made the world, made the sky, filled the oceans, all with material taken from the other planes. Even fire, to provide the necessary warmth and energy needed for life.

The gods walked the world, shaping it to suit their needs and whims. Mortal life grew from the remnants and wisps of the gods’ power. While initially the gods saw this only as a curious side effect of their work, eventually they saw use to it and some even became fascinated by it. In the end, the gods kept the interesting bits around rather than obliterating it when it inconvenienced other plans.

Mortal life flourished, and civilizations grew.

Then came the Storm.

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