AGE of Rediscovery: 0.1 – Amorphia and the Gods

Seekers of Lore
Seekers of Lore

Amorphia is the beginning and the end of everything. An unstoppable power of creation, transformation, and destruction, it cannot be stopped.

There are some who, while they cannot stop it, can at least give it pause. These are the gods.

The elder gods are immune to it. They came into existence in their current forms and have remained seemingly unchanged by it. They change by their alien will alone.

The greater gods were created by amorphia and can bend it to their will. These are the gods that created the gods’ home, Paradise. They forced amorphia away from themselves to make a haven of sorts.

Over time, the lesser gods, as they came into existence, found their way to this haven and joined with the greater gods. They added their wills and strengths to those of their benefactors, and Paradise grew.

Amorphia is implacable, though. As mighty as the gods are, amorphia could still insinuate itself into Paradise, and amorphic waves could sweep Paradise with change… though the gods, at least, were mostly unaffected.


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