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RPG Blog Carnival: Fantastic Creations, Final Roundup

As I mentioned in my last roundup, I didn’t see nearly the traffic for this RPG Blog Carnival: Fantastic Creations that I did for Fantastic Locations. This surprises me a little, since I would think it would be one of the easier ones to post for — if nothing else, throw in links to magic […]

Fantastic Creations: May 18, 2012 Roundup

I haven’t seen nearly the traffic for this RPG Blog Carnival: Fantastic Creations that I did for Fantastic Locations, so I’ve decided to do a mid-month roundup rather than weekly. Round-Up As with the Fantastic Locations roundups, presented in order of blog title and (approximately) date. Exchange of Realities Simple Tips for Wondrous Items and […]

Fantastic Creations: Devising Fantastic Creations

I posted a few new magic items last week a couple weeks ago (I’ve been too busy to take part in the RPG Blog Carnival I’m hosting, how sad is that?), and got some favorable response to them.  I thought people may be interested in how I devised them. The process is fairly simple.  I […]

Fantastic Creations: Questions about Beobachten

Sean Holland asked a couple questions about Beobachten.  From a comment on that post, Very interesting. But how does it “consume” the treasure? And is it lost forever or is it in some extra-dimesional horde? I think these are good questions, but I can’t really meaningfully answer them, for a simple reason — I honestly […]

Fantastic Creation: Kaiho-sha, the Liberator

Another entry for the RPG Blog Carnival: Fantastic Creations.  Kaiho-sha, the Liberator. I read a story a few years ago, where one of the supporting characters (a warrior and leader of men) had been enslaved.  After being freed (rescued by an ally) he decided to take the chain that had bound him and have it […]

Fantastic Creation: Palavirea, the Burning Green

This is another Fantastic Creation I have had in mind for a while now, though somewhat simpler than Beobachten, the Dragon Watching. I have always liked the idea of wands, but the implementation in D&D has been generally lacking in my mind.  Most of them time they are simply canned spells and usually have little […]

Fantastic Creation: Beobachten, the Dragon Watching

For my first entry for the RPG Blog Carnival: Fantastic Creations, I decided to write up a magic sword that has been lurking in my mind for over a decade. I have long had the image of a sword with a pommel shaped like a dragon’s head.  The sword can ‘breathe fire’ from the dragon’s […]

RPG Blog Carnival: Fantastic Creations

The agent looked around the Mages’ Faire, taking in the displays and the spectacles.  The illusions, the charmed monsters, the gouts of flame and bursts of lightning. Of no use to him.  As impressive as they were, he needed something less obvious, and more importantly, that did not require gifts and training he would never […]

RPG Blog Carnival: Fantastic Creations

I almost forgot! I’ll be hosting the RPG Blog Carnival again, starting a week from now. The topic will be ‘Fantastic Creations’.  Magic items, cyborgs, golems, sonic screwdrivers, how to make any of the above, what to do with them, and so on. I think it’ll be fun, and joining is as easy as writing […]