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NaGaDeMon Plans

So, National Game Development Month. I’m not a purist.  I won’t be starting from scratch. I do, however, aim to have Echelon playable by the end of November.  Quite probably in dire need of polishing, but at the least, a set of rules that can be printed out, a set of talents built (which might […]

Introduction to Echelon

Origin of the Name It is not explicitly spelled out in the D&D 3.x core books that play changes significantly through the various levels. The lack of this explicit statement has caused, for many people, a detachment between the levels of power and the styles of play appropriate to those levels of power. This is […]

Echelon Core Rules Draft Outline

So, October’s been rather lighter on posts than I really wanted. Between trying to get my act together health-wise (eat better, sleep more, work out better), a compelling project (Vale of Elsir map for Nik) and work (the next release of our primary service is now staging for release next month) I’ve been fairly pressed […]